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Happy Ending Just Add Water Shower Stroker Masturbator, Ass

$19.99 $24.99

Happy Ending Just Add Water Shower Stroker Masturbator, Ass

$19.99 $24.99
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  • SKU: 3010005
  • UPC: 850010096056
  • Brand: Global Novelties llc
  • Type: Male Masturbator
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Our Water Shower Stroker Masturbator is made from a revolutionary new material that will change your stroke. This new material becomes naturally slick when it’s exposed to water – so smooth that you don’t need any lube! Makes you feel like you're having sex with a lover. You will enjoy the realistic tight ass.

  • The next time you’re taking a shower, take this handy shower stroker with you. Just attach a few drops of water to make it super slippery and ready for play. The life-like opening is shaped like a big ole’ booty to make your backdoor fantasies come true.
  • The stroker grips your rod extra tight, while the textured interior rubs your shaft just right. The case itself creates a sucking sensation inside the stroker that pulls you deeper and deeper until you explode!
  • With its discreet storage case and a hanging cord, the stroker naturally blends in with your shampoo, loofah, and other shower items. But you can enjoy it in plenty of other places too.

Key Features:

  • The Shower Stroker measures 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.
  • It’s made from TPE, which makes the stroker feel incredibly soft against your sensitive bits.
  • The storage case is made from non-rigid plastic like a water bottle. That means you can squeeze the case during playtime for extra stimulation.
  • The stroker can be used up to 10 times without needing lube and used again afterwards with your favorite personal lubricant.
  • If it starts feeling a little dry, add a couple drops of water and start pumping away.
  • Always wash and dry your stroker when you’re done. Then hang it up in the shower, so it’s ready for next time!
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